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666 is Sanctified – The Beast was Fake News


666 is Sanctified – The Beast was Fake News

The number 666 was wrongly maligned throughout history simply because nobody knew the cipher code to read the Book of Revelation. It has transpired that the number of the beast 666 and the four beasts in the Book of Revelation were pointing to the numbers of animals, which were sacrificed in the most sacred of ceremonial offerings in the Old Testament. Those four animals are shown on the book cover in their natural habitat but in the Bible they were taken to be slaughtered at the tabernacle.

This news about the beasts may seem very puzzling but those numbers that were paraded as totals of different animals in blood offerings, were sanctified to serve a divine purpose. They have proved to be the indices of a secret calendar matrix, which mapped out biblical history culminating with the predicted Messiah. The scribes had used 666 as a compass to point the way to this hidden knowledge and just like the taunts from the serpent with Adam and Eve, we too were to grasp the forbidden fruit. It is a good news story that should bring sighs of relief to all those who were wary at the number of the beast fearing it symbolised satanic forces.

For the very first time you can read about the wonderful knowledge of the prophets that lay secretly hidden behind the saintly number 666.

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Hi Ancient Origins,

Thank you for informing one about this Book. I'm Seventh Day Adventist so we study and look at both Daniel and Revelation. The best Bible Teacher who teaches on these Biblical Subjects is Pastor Mark A. Finley.

Another lively Pastor is (who happened to be my Youth Pastor) is David Asherick he too can be found on ytube.

The Bible Study on those Bible Books can be found on the heading of Discovery accompanied by The Statue from Daniel chapter 2 and The Four Beast of Daniel chapter 7, I go back and watch them on ytube.

Anyway thank you for letting me know about this Book.

mhearns's picture

Looking forward to your comments and questions. Michael Hearns (Author of the book)