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Blenheim palace

Main: Blenheim Palace (Snowshill / Adobe Stock). Inset: The Gold Toilet (CC by SA 2.0)

Solid Gold Toilet Stolen from Blenheim Palace

A remarkable and slightly bizarre theft has been announced in Britain. An 18-carat gold toilet valued at £1 million has been stolen from the world-famous Blenheim Palace. The lavatory was part of a...
A Roman sarcophagus that was once used as a garden ornament is now restored and displayed in Blenheim Palace.

Could This Be the Most Expensive Flowerpot in England? $364,000 Roman Sarcophagus Was a Garden Ornament

An ancient Roman sarcophagus worth up to 345,000 Euros ($364,000) has been found in England. The precious marble coffin was discovered on the grounds of Blenheim Palace, a monumental country house...