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Giant Obsidian Golden Eagle Surfaces in Mexico

Giant Obsidian Golden Eagle Surfaces in Mexico

The Aztec’s Hueteocalli , otherwise known as the Templo Mayor (which translates into “Great Temple”) stood at the center of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), the capital city of the Aztec world in Mexico...
The newly-discovered carving at Gebel el Sisila

Pharaoh bows to god of gods in newly discovered quarry carving

A team of archaeologists from a Swedish university has made some important discoveries at a large ancient Egyptian quarry. They’ve found a rock carving up to 3,000 years old depicting a pharaoh...
Monumental stone face at Bayon Temple, Cambodia.

Built by Kings, the Ancient Bayon Temple of Cambodia Mixes Spirituality, History and Symbolism

The 12 th century is generally regarded as a period of European decline. In other parts of the world, however, this was certainly not the case. In South East Asia, the Khmer Empire was enjoying its...
Detail of the beautiful rock cut carvings at Tripura. Bas-relief images at Unakoti are from the 11-12th century A.D.

The Mysterious Unakoti Bas-Reliefs: 10 Million Deities and the Curse of a God

Bas-relief or low relief is a type of sculpture in which an image is projected at a shallow depth. This technique is often used in the art of ancient Egypt and other Near Eastern cultures. In...