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Steaming cup of coffee. Source: alexandarilich / Adobe Stock

Coffee Sparked a Controversial Caffeine Crackdown in Mecca

Coffee drinking is part and parcel of everyday life, though it hasn’t always been that way. Curiously enough, coffee drinking was deemed so controversial in the early 16th century that it was banned...
Man kissing the Blarney Stone. Source: Steve Bowbrick/CC BY NC SA 2.0

Ancient Tradition of Kissing Blarney Stone Banned Over Coronavirus Fears

The traditional Irish practice of Kissing the Blarney Stone has been temporarily prohibited. This is in response to fear that the practice could increase the spread of the COVID 19 virus. The move is...
Harry Potter books have been banned by a Catholic school library. Source: vlakhov Valeriy / Adobe Stock.

Catholic Teachers Banned ‘Evil’ Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter books were removed from a private Catholic school in Nashville in 2019 because they include actual “ curses and spells ”, according to staff at the school. In a report in the US daily,...
Runes close-up. The Swedish government is considering a ban on the runes and some ancient Norse symbols. Source: Pshenichka /Adobe

Claims Viking Symbols and Runes May Be Banned – The Fuller Picture

This week reports emerged claiming that depictions of the runes and Norse symbols such as Thor’s hammer may soon be banned in Sweden. Hate groups have been using many of these symbols for years and...