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Gregory Sams, Author

Gregory Sams


Gregory Sams has been bringing novel concepts to the culture since the age of 19, when, in 1967, he and brother Craig introduced organic and natural foods to the UK marketplace. After 15 years of catering, Seed magazine, Ceres Grain Store & Bakery, Harmony & Whole Earth Foods, in 1982 Gregory conceived and christened the original VegeBurger, creating a marketplace for vegetarian food. Leaving food for fractals in 1990, he opened Strange Attractions, the world's only shop dedicated to chaos theory. This new science underpinned his first book, Uncommon Sense, the State is Out of Date, which is not about politics, but about not politics. His last book, Sun of gOd, Discover the Self-Organizing Principle that Underlies Everything, re-introduces us to our local star, the most revered deity in history.

Gregory’s new book “The State Is Out of Date – We can do it better” will be available from September 2013 as an E-book, the print copy will be publishing in April 2014.

Gregory Sams

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I have heard say thatarchaeology generally finds no evidence of structures built with defensive intent before about 3000 BCE. You might like to integrate the record of peaceful societies in great antiquity with the analysis in India that the world was living in “higher ages” for many thousands of years before 3100BCE, but deteriorated into progressively more materialistic ages after that, ones which it is now lessening but will only fully escape after 4100 CE.

Wade Miller-Knight

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