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Casu Marzu cheese with maggots. Source: ballylocci / Adobe Stock.

This Ancient Cheese is Eaten With Live Maggots (Video)

In the rustic landscapes of Italy's Sardinia , an age-old culinary tradition endures – one that might bewilder the uninitiated palate. Casu martzu, known as "rotten cheese," boasts a history that...
Aranmula Kannadi Mirror. Source: SREEDAS / Adobe Stock.

Aranmula Kannadi: This Mirror Reflects Your Truest Self (Video)

It is said a transformative experience awaits when you peer into the depths of an Aranmula Kannadi – a profound reflection of your true self. Crafted in the heart of Aranmula, a quaint town in India...
Shea butter making in Ghana. Source: nomadphotographs / Adobe Stock.

Women's Gold: The Shea Butter Makers of Ghana (Video)

For centuries, women in West Africa have been turning shea nuts into butter, known as "women's gold", as it is the only source of income for many families in northern Ghana . However, the biggest...
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Resisting the Odds: The Inspiring Story of Gaza’s Pottery Artisans (Video)

For decades, the people of Gaza have faced immense challenges as a result of the ongoing armed conflict and political turmoil in the region. Despite the adversity, however, there are those who have...
The Weighing of the Heart ritual, shown in the Book of the Dead of Sesostris. Source: Manfred Werner - Tsui / CC BY-SA 3.0

Did the Ancient Egyptians Create Art as a Way to Manifest Reality?

Among the extravagantly decorated tombs and temples that made Egyptian art immortal, there is something obscure. It could even be considered supernatural or otherworldly. Telling the stories of what...
Neolithic Revolution Challenged! Are These The Real Roots of Civilization?

Neolithic Revolution Challenged! Are These The Real Roots of Civilization?

Conventional wisdom tells us that civilization began with the so-called agricultural revolution - AKA the invention of farming , but I suggest a different story. From my perspective, the roots of...
Guédelon Castle in France has been constructed from scratch using only medieval techniques.

Can Medieval Artisans From Guédelon Help Rebuild Notre-Dame?

The world was shocked by the sight of Notre Dame Cathedral burning . It prompted many people to think about their heritage and reminded them of how we take the great works of the past for granted...
Downtown Port Louis, a blend of the historical and the new.

Nostalgic Old Trades Facing Extinction in Mauritius, Like a Doomed Dodo

Tinker, tailor, blacksmith, barber, butcher, baker, mason, candlestick maker and carpenter; all old trades that served the seafarers of the 18th century on the trade route to India and the sugar...