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Arnhem Land

Young Dakal clan landowner Desmond Lindsay visits a Wilton River Australian rock art site for the first time. Most sites are remote and often impossible to approach in a vehicle. Source: Mimal Land Management Aboriginal Corporation (MLMAC) / Flinders University  By

‘Unbiased’ Computer Software Learns To Decipher Australian Rock Art

Archaeologists in the Wilton River area of Australia have used computer software to read and understand Australian rock art from over a thousand years ago. The software was trained to spot different...
A new paper introduces 570 examples of Maliwawa rock art in rock shelters in Western Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory. This image shows a rock art depiction of a Maliwawa macropod found in the Namunidjbuk clan estate of the Wellington Range. Source: (P. Taçon / Australian Archaeology)

Ancient Lifeforms and Odd Humans Depicted in Maliwawa Rock Art

The timeworn relationship between humans and animals has been found depicted on 570 ancient paintings discovered within 87 rock shelters in Western Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory. In...
Nura Rupert, Australia, c.1933. Pitjantjatjara people, South Australia, Mamu (Spooky spirits) 2006, Ernabella, South Australia, synthetic polymer paint on linen 92x122cm. Ed and Sue Tweddell Fund for South Australian Contemporary Art 2006. Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide.            Source: © Nura Rupert, courtesy of Ernabella Arts.

Aboriginal Monsters and their Hidden Meanings

Christine Judith Nicholls / The Conversation A rich inventory of monstrous figures exists throughout Aboriginal Australia. The specific form that their wickedness takes depends to a considerable...