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ark of covenant

Solemn Knights Templar.

Greed and Decline: The Treasure of the Knights Templar and Their Downfall

The ‘Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon,’ more commonly known as the Knights Templar, or the Templars, was one of the most renowned military orders during the Middle Ages. The...
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The Location of the Lost Ark: Mecca

Could the Ark of the Covenant be hidden in plain sight, where thousands of pilgrims congregate at a Holy Site, unaware of the significance that this may hold for world religions? A study of ancient...
Bas-relief ‘Carrying the Ark of Covenant’, The Aksum Obelisk, and a depiction of the Queen of Sheba from the medieval manuscript ’Bellifortis’ by Conrad Kyeser (c. 1405), Prague school.

How is the Fallen Kingdom of Aksum Connected to the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of Covenant?

The Kingdom of Aksum (also spelled as ‘Axum’) was an ancient civilization located in what is today northern Ethiopia and Eritrea. This kingdom existed roughly between the 1st and the 8th centuries AD...