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archaeological park

The ceremonial chariot discovered near Pompeii. Source: Pompeii Archaeological Park

Pompeii: First Ever Roman Ceremonial Chariot Discovered in Italy!

Archaeologists excavating the ruins of a settlement north of Pompeii have discovered an exceptional ceremonial chariot that is almost intact. The ancient carriage is made from iron, bronze and tin...
Ostia Antica the first Roman colony. Source: Ioannis Syrigos.

Ostia Antica: The First Roman Colony

Ostia Antica is an archaeological site located on the outskirts of Rome . Although the Romans referred to the site as Ostia, this article will use the term Ostia Antica, so as to avoid confusion with...
Ruins of Apollonia, Albania

Apollonia, The Once Eminent Greek City

The ancient Greeks left an enduring legacy and influence the modern world to this day. Whether it be astrology , mathematics, biology , engineering, medicine or linguistics, nearly all of the...