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Vintage goods store owner, Laura Young, with the Roman bust.	Source: Laura Young / MySanantonio

Looted Ancient Roman Bust Found In Texas Thrift Shop

A 52 pound, 1st-century Roman marble bust turned up in a Texas store. Having been sold to a local woman for $34.99, the ancient artifact will now be returned to Germany. In 2018, Laura Young, the...
Head of Asian Art and Managing Director, Lee Young with the $1.2 million (£1 million) Qianlong Chinese teapot. Source: Duke’s Auctions

Chinese Teapot Skyrockets From £1000 to £1 Million At Auction

A small Chinese teapot that was found by chance has made some lucky person a millionaire. The 18 th century teapot crafted in China has sold for a staggering and totally unpredicted £1 million, or...
The Qing dynasty period porcelain vase

A Chinese Porcelain Vase Found in a Shoebox is Sold for $19 Million at Sotheby’s Paris

It has been reported by the BBC that a Chinese porcelain vase that was discovered in a French attic has been sold for millions at an auction - over 16 million euro or 19 million dollars. The price...
A detail from a silk samite shirt made by the nomadic Sogdian people of central Asia.

Ancient Silk Shirt from a Fallen Empire is Set to Fetch a Bundle at Auction

An exceptional silk shirt made by a skilled Sogdian craftsman is going up for auction at the end of April. The honey-golden color of the silk is decorated with ducks wearing flowing scarves while...
Some of the ancient artifacts seized from the home of Michael H. Steinhardt.

Billionaire Accused of Illegally Owning Stolen Antique Artworks

New York’s Authorities that go after illegally obtained antique artworks have searched the Manhattan residence and office of notable billionaire Michael Steinhardt, who is suspected of illegally...
A Roman sarcophagus that was once used as a garden ornament is now restored and displayed in Blenheim Palace.

Could This Be the Most Expensive Flowerpot in England? $364,000 Roman Sarcophagus Was a Garden Ornament

An ancient Roman sarcophagus worth up to 345,000 Euros ($364,000) has been found in England. The precious marble coffin was discovered on the grounds of Blenheim Palace, a monumental country house...