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Kalkajaka: Australia's Black Mountain

Kalkajaka: Australia's Black Mountain

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Black Mountain, known to the Aboriginals as Kalkajaka meaning ‘the place of the spear’, is located in Queensland, Australia. The mountain consists of large piles of black granite rocks and huge granite boulders, some of which are said to be the size of small houses. According to geologists, this rock formation was formed from solidified magma millions of years ago and almost completely lacks any traces of soil.

The area is a national park and has a unique range of wildlife, including species that are endemic only to this area, many of which are rare.

While there are a number of different sites within the area that the Aborignals hold reverent, for example Kambi, Julbanu, Birmba and Yirrmbal – all of which are either rock formations or caves with religious importance, the Aboriginals avoid Kalkajaka, earnestly maintaining that it is a site of supernatural events.

There have been numerous accounts of mysterious disappearances of people and animals in the Black Mountain. The first documented disappearance, involving European Settlers, occurred in 1877. Since then, there have been many cases of people, horses and even herds of cattle disappearing within its many crevices, caverns, caves and rock formations, never to be seen again.  Local police and trackers looking for the missing have also vanished.

In addition, there have been reports of strange sounds, the appearance of ‘spirits’ or human-like shadows in the area, and peculiar air turbulences and magnetic disturbances which have been report by pilots, giving Black Mountain the nickname ‘mountain of death’.  

Alien theorists connect this place with extra-terrestrial activity.  Although the geological process is a common pattern in the birth of countless mountains throughout the world, Kalkajaka is said to be quite different and some claim it was built by artificial means, and that it is a ruin of an ancient extinct civilization dating back many thousands of years.

Black Mountain remains a place of many unanswered questions and a mystery waiting for explorers to uncover its secrets.

By John Black

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