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ancient house

Stones in the South Circle viewed from the south-east quadrant bank. The tower of St James church is in the background.

Was the Massive Stone Circle of Avebury In Honor of a Humble Neolithic House? [New Report]

A peculiar square formation recently discovered within the Neolithic stone circle monument of Avebury henge is reshaping the traditional narrative of one of the wonders of the prehistoric world. It...
A row of turf houses in Iceland.

Hidden in the Landscape: The Unique Architectural Heritage of Icelandic Turf Houses

Turf houses are a distinctive type of dwelling found in Iceland with origins dating back to the 9 th century AD, which are attributed to the country’s Nordic settlers. The development of turf houses...
Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire, England

Archaeologists Search for Neolithic Home of Avebury Stone Circle Builders Between the Monuments

Archaeologists from the National Trust, Southampton and Leicester Universities, and Allen Environmental Archaeology are trying to find out where the people who built the world-famous Avebury Stone...