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All New Membership Site Launching 22 February

Ancient Origins Membership Site

JOIN US! Our NEW membership site is coming soon! Ancient Origins is excited to be offering many new benefits to subscribed members, beginning 22 February.

Don’t worry, will continue as always, offering four fascinating new articles each and every day.


Exclusive, Quality Content: In-depth, open-minded research from well-known authors and experts. Member only articles are:

  • Exclusively available for Ancient Origins members and not available anywhere else on the internet
  • Extra length: most articles are double, sometimes triple the length of articles available on the main site of Ancient Origins, and contain more images
  • Written mostly by guest authors and experts invited to submit articles exclusively for Ancient Origins members

No Distracting Ads: No third-party advertising on the Members Only site and reduced advertising on the Ancient Origins main site.

Free eBooks: New fascinating titles that you can download for free, containing over 70 pages of articles and images. These are the first three books that will be available exclusively to members:

Ancient Origins Membership Books

  • Amazing Medicines, Horrible Illnesses and the Surprising Cures of Ancient History
  • Ancient Caves and Their Dark Histories
  • Amazing Technologies, Weapons and Gadgets of the Ancient World

Valuable Member Discounts: Exclusive discounts on travel packages, artifacts, gifts, books, and more. Here are just some of the great companies offering discounts to Ancient Origins members:

Ancient Origins Membership Discounts

PLUS, more discounts added every month!

Live Chat:   Join the chat room with live text and video, share ideas and be among friends

Live Webinars: Watch a free webinar every month by one of our guest author experts

Talk to an Expert: Join our guest author experts in the chat room to ask questions and discuss topics of interest.

Expedition Updates: Exclusive access to our travel discoveries - notes, photos, video and live updates

Your involvement in the Members’ Site goes to supporting independent work, and ensures continued production of exciting, fascinating, and intelligent content on our shared ancient origins. Hope to see you there!


The Ancient Origins Members Only page has a brand new design , making it easy to navigate around the content, free from ads and other distractions.  Here is a sneak peek!

Ancient Origins Membership site


We are offering 3 packages to choose from , so you have the flexibility to decide how much or how little you’d like to delve in. 

Ancient Origins Membership Packages