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A diver examines the wreck in Zambratija, Croatia. Source: Philippe Groscaux/AMU-CNRS

The Oldest Hand-sewn Boat Wreck in the Mediterranean to Resurface

An ancient marvel is set to emerge from the depths of Croatia's waters in the Mediterranean. Meet the Zambratija boat, a remarkable testament to maritime history that has defied the ravages of time...
Examples of the bronze votive offering body parts given to the Veneti Pora Reitia nature goddess at her sanctuary in Este, Italy.		Source: McDonald / House of Secrets

The Ancient Italian Adriatic Veneti and Their Pora Reitia Nature Cult

Between the eighth and seventh centuries BC, the first manifestations of the Italic people known as Veneti appear in the territory of today's Veneto, the main region of the northeast of Italy...
The Shock Discovery of the Nakovane Zodiac

The Shock Discovery of the Nakovane Zodiac

The history of Dalmatia in Croatia is very important for the entire region of the Adriatic, tying in directly with the events that were crucial for both the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Sadly, the...