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Mysterious eyes in binary code.  The Great Cipher of Louis XIV had codebreakers stumped for centuries. Source: Kundra / Adobe Stock

Louis XIV’s Great Cipher Baffled Codebreakers Until the 19th Century

In the clandestine corridors of 17th-century France, a remarkable cryptographic system known as the Great Cipher emerged, becoming the go-to code for the French monarch Louis XIV. The genius behind...
King Louis XIV had many mistresses. Source: Archivist / Adobe Stock.

King Louis XIV Had At Least 20 Mistresses (Video)

In French history, it was a common expectation that monarchs, like King Louis XIV, maintained intriguing love lives . Louis, known for his insatiable desires, fathered over a dozen illegitimate...
Renaissance styled French queen cavorting with French gentleman.  Source: LanaK/Adobe Stock

Seven Scandalous Love Affairs of French Queens

Behind the opulent facade of French queens' lives lie captivating tales of forbidden love and clandestine affairs that have echoed through the annals of history. From the alluring intrigue of Queen...
Palace of Versailles, France. Source: Mistervlad /Adobe Stock

The Hidden Secrets of the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is one of the most magnificent and historically significant buildings in the world. This stunning palace was once the residence of French kings and queens, and it has a rich...
French nobles. Source: Archivist / Adobe Stock.

The Weirdest Rules of Royal French Etiquette (Video)

Step into the grandeur and luxury of the Palace of Versailles, the opulent seat of French royalty that became the epitome of the glamorous life of a king. But behind the dazzling facade lay a world...
Meeting on the Isle of Pheasants, June 1660; Maria Theresa is handed over to the French and her husband by proxy, Louis XIV.

Maria Theresa of Spain: Betrayal, Incest, and Black Baby Rumors

Maria Theresa of Spain was an infanta (meaning ‘princess’) of the Spanish Empire who lived during the 17 th century. She belonged to the Spanish branch of the House of Habsburg , and is best-known...
Upcycling Ancient Beauty – How Precious Stones, Monuments, and Jewels Have Been Re-Used

Upcycling Ancient Beauty – How Precious Stones, Monuments, and Jewels Have Been Re-Used

Sculptures, monuments, jewels, and even floors of churches and palaces… Impressive artifacts, outstanding pieces of art, and treasures which could satisfy even the most demanding person... Many of...