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Airai Bai meetinghouse

Airai Bai: Men’s Meetinghouse in Tribal Paradise Where Women Rule the Land

The island Republic of Palau is not only beautiful, it has a rich traditional culture, as do many nations in the Pacific. Here, visitors can observe a traditional way of life that is authentic and...

Three-Thousand-Year-Old Living Language Loses Last Monolingual Speaker

Less than 20 Native American languages spoken in the United States are projected to survive another 100 years and the Chickasaw language, or Chikashshanompa', is just one of many tribal languages...
Mah Meri tribe of Malaysia

Mysterious Mah Meri tribe of Malaysia conduct ritual dance to the dead for another good year

Members of the Mah Meri tribe of Malaysia have just completed their annual ancestor-worship ceremony, an elaborate ritual involving dancers with intricately-carved masks who perform the historic Main...
Hopi Mask Returned

US charity bought Hopi masks for $530k then returned them to tribe

The Hopi tribal mask is revered as a sacred ritual artefact by the Native American Hopi tribe in Arizona. The masks are worn by dancers during religious ceremonies and are considered as living beings...