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Tarim Basin

Tarim Basin mummy, China. Credit: Wenying Li, Xinjiang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology

Unraveling the Mysteries of China’s Ancient Caucasian Mummies (Video)

In a groundbreaking archaeological discovery, mummies with distinctly Caucasian features were unearthed in China's Tarim Basin. Where did they come from ? These remarkably preserved bodies, dating...
The so-called world’s oldest trousers discovered in China’s Tarim Basin used different textile techniques for different parts of the trouser fabric. Source: M. Wagner / Archaeological Research in Asia

World’s Oldest Trousers Used Methods Still Employed by Modern Fashion

Back in 2014, a pair of pants were discovered in the Tarim Basin in China. Believed to be the oldest pair of trousers in the world, they were made between 3,000 and 3,300 years ago. Dating back to...
The Beauty of Loulan, a Tarim Basin Mummy Source: Mummipedia

Origin Mystery of Controversial Tarim Basin Mummies Was Solved With DNA

Located in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region, the Tarim Basin is a rich confluence of geology, history, and culture. In fact, it is speculated that this region may be one of the last to be...
Tmbs excavated in Kucha, with carvings of mythical creatures

1,700-year-old Silk Road cemetery contains carvings of the four mythological symbols of China

Archaeologists in China have just reported on the discovery of a 1,700-year-old cemetery along the old Silk Road consisting of magnificent tombs that contain carvings of the four mythological symbols...
Ancient Chinese city of Loulan

Scientists to map out vast ancient Chinese city of Loulan

A team of Chinese scientists have plans to undertake a five year, government sponsored project to fully map out the kingdom of Loulan, and to solve the mystery of its sudden abandonment, according to...