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Hunts Mesa in the Navajo National Monument, which has three well-preserved Ancestral Puebloan people's cliff dwellings.     Source: Bill45 / Adobe Stock

Navajo National Monument and It’s Ancestral Puebloan Cliff Dwellings

Navajo National Monument is a national monument in Arizona, USA that is “famous” for its remarkable history and heritage. The monument is located within the territory of the Navajo Nation, hence its...
The remains of Pueblo Bonito, the largest of the Chacoan Great Houses in Chaco Canyon. Source: Viktor Posnov / Adobe Stock

The Collapse of Chaco Canyon: Recent Study Challenges Drought Theory

In the center of America’s Four Corners Region , Chaco Canyon is an arid, desolate place, sprinkled with the occasional, lonely juniper tree, cactus, or sage bush. Hundreds of mysterious, ancient...
Mule Canyon: Ancestral Pueblo Village of the Anasazi

Mule Canyon: Ancestral Pueblo Village of the Anasazi

The Four Corners region of the United States is a unique place in North America . It is the meeting place of the four corners of Utah, Arizona , New Mexico, and Colorado . With its distinct...
Walnut Canyon: Home of the Pre-Columbian Sinagua People

Walnut Canyon: Home of the Pre-Columbian Sinagua People

Walnut Canyon is a United States National Monument located in southwestern state of Arizona. This national monument is situated near Flagstaff, about 230 km (142.92 miles) to the north of Phoenix,...
Ancient Puebloan trade network - Chaco Canyon

Ancient Puebloan trade network much more extensive than previously believed

For over 2,000 years, ancient Pueblo peoples occupied a vast region of the south-western United States. Chaco Canyon, a major centre of ancestral Pueblo culture between 850 and 1250, was a focus for...
Mummy lake - Mesa Verde

New study suggests Mummy Lake was built to hold rituals, not water

A new analysis of a sandstone-walled pit in Mesa Verde National Park, known as Mummy Lake, has suggested that the channels were used by the Ancestral Puebloans for holding rituals , not for...
Orion Temple in Colorado - Anasazi

The Orion Temple in Colorado – Part 2

( Part 1 ) Was the Sun Temple used solely as a solar indicator? Compelling evidence points to another possibility. It may in fact have been a stellar temple as well, especially during the winter...
Orion Temple in Colorado - Anasazi

Orion Temple in Colorado - Part 1

Mesa Verde is a green sanctuary for the soul. Located in southwestern Colorado near the Four Corners region, this massive geological uplift was once home to many Ancestral Puebloans, the term that...