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Representational image of a medieval troubadour. Source: artemstepanov / Adobe Stock

The Chivalrous Melodies and Colorful Lives of the Medieval Troubadours

From the 11th to 14th centuries, medieval Europe was home to a class of poet-musicians known as troubadours. They started out in Occitania in the 11th century before spreading across much of the...
Representational image of the pious Saint Drogo. Source: nsit0108 / Adobe Stock

Saint Drogo was the Bilocating Patron of the Unattractive

Sometimes it really does seem that there is a saint for everything. For among the vast pantheon of saints stands Saint Drogo, a 12th-century Flemish nobleman who, after experiencing an inexplicable...
Signature of a Great Sicilian Unearthed at Segesta

Signature of a Great Sicilian Unearthed at Segesta

It was long thought that the Segesta Archaeological Park, in Sicily , had given up most of her secrets to Victorian-era archaeologists and treasure hunters . However, it now appears it hadn’t. A team...
Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Tempel in Colombo         Source: hecke71 / Adobe Stock

A 2,500-year-old Site Blessed by Buddha - Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

Sri Lanka, a beautiful country renowned for its beaches, is also a historic country with many Buddhist sites. Among the most important temples in the largely Buddhist country is Kelaniya Raja Maha...
Hermes, messenger of the gods (Atelier Sommerland / Adobe Stock)

Hermes: Messenger of the Gods and Patron of Traders, Travelers, and Thieves

Hermes was an important god in the Greek pantheon and one of the Twelve Olympians . He is best known for being the herald or messenger of the gods and is portrayed in many myths as such. In addition...
Statue of Saint Isidore of Seville.

St. Isidore of Seville: Patron Saint of …. The Internet?!

The Catholic tradition of assigning the patronage of saints to certain places, careers, or activities is usually obvious. For example, St. Luke was a physician and he’s one of the patrons of doctors...

Understanding Ganesha: Legendary Wise Hindu God who Removes Obstacles, Ensures Success

Ganesha is one of the most distinctive Hindu deities. His role is to remove obstacles and ensure success as well as creating obstructions for those whose ambition has become destructive. He is also...
Image from ‘Vikings’, a medieval drama series airing on The History Channel.

Vikings Beheaded English King and Patron Saint Edmund, but What Happened to his Body?

It’s a 9th century tale involving Vikings, their beheading of a famous English king, and upheaval that led to the burial and reburial of the king’s remains in an unknown spot. And the story is still...