North Sea

350 year-old shipwreck wine discovered in the North Sea. Source: Wojciech / Christie’s.

Shipwreck's 350-Year-Old Bottles of Wine Are Up for Auction - Would You Take a Sip?

Divers have uncovered many treasures and rare items from the seafloor. Some years ago, a team of divers recovered a collection of wine-bottles from a shipwreck in the North Sea. They date back over...
13,500 year old carved bison bone dredged from the North Sea.

13,500-year-old Artwork Saved from the Abyss of the Continental Shelf

Snared in a fishing net at the bottom of the North Sea, on the edge of the continental shelf, the “oldest Dutch work of art” has been found, according to an article published in Cambridge Antiquity...
North Sea once formed a land-bridge between Europe and Britain.

St Michael’s Ley-line Leading to Legendary Doggerland

Does the St Michael ley-line reach far beyond the boundaries of our imagination to a destination lost in time and shrouded in myth? Doggerland was once a land-bridge connecting Britain to Europe...
The Mesolithic people of Doggerland

Atlantis of Britain: Prehistoric Territory of Doggerland Prepares to Unveil its Secrets

Doggerland, sometimes called the Stone Age Atlantis of Britain or a prehistoric Garden of Eden, is an area archaeologists have been waiting to rediscover. Finally, modern technology has reached a...
The Mesolithic people of Doggerland - North Sea Islands

North Sea islands with prehistoric inhabitants were wiped out by tsunami

New research presented at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna has revealed that an ancient civilisation located on a group of islands between Britain and Europe was wiped out by...