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AI image of male shaman using herbal medicine for spiritual healing and sacred rituals.

What Kinds Of Drugs Were Used In Ancient Times?

Throughout history, the use of drugs has been closely linked to religious, spiritual, and social practices. Ancient societies often used psychoactive substances to transcend the material world and...
This sacrificed Inca child, known as the Llull Maiden #23, was found on a mountain in Argentina a number of years ago and shares similarities with the sacrificed child Inca mummies found on Ampato volcano, Peru. 				Source: © Johan Reinhard, Ph.D . (used with permission)

Ritually Sacrificed Inca Kids Fed “Soothing” Coca and Caapi Cocktails

The medicinal use of plants and the collection, dissemination, and application of traditional knowledge surrounding plants (ethnobotany) is an indigenous practice from the Americas well documented to...
Left, opiate poppy and right Vessel in which traces of opiate have been found.

Bronze Age High: Traces of Opiates Found in Cypriot Vessel

Researchers at the University of York and the British Museum have discovered traces of opiates preserved inside a distinctive vessel dating back to the Late Bronze Age. Vessels of this type, known as...
Drugs in Ancient Cultures: A History of Drug Use and Effects

Drugs in Ancient Cultures: A History of Drug Use and Effects

The battle against drugs and drug usage rages on today and for good reason. However, with the near constant limelight that the ‘drug war’ receives today, it can seem like the most common drugs have...
Men smoking pipes, Ottoman era, Turkey (Antiller / Flickr)

Medicinal Use of Narcotics Unearthed at Ottoman Archaeological Site in Turkey

A team of archaeologists carrying out excavations at Kaman-Kalehoyuk in Turkey found evidence of the medicinal use of henbane seeds. The seeds, which were found in an old hearth, have therapeutic...
Ancient relief carving depicting drug use

Archaeological study explores drug-taking and altered states in prehistory

Neanderthals on speed 60,000 years ago; Paleolithic art inspired by psilocybin or Amanita muscaria mushroom trips; and alcohol-fueled religious worship all over the world down through the ages –...