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An equestrian statue of a Julio-Claudian prince, originally identified as Caligula.

Hold Your Horses! Did Caligula Actually Make a Steed a Roman Consul?

When we think of the emperor Caligula, it is John Hurt’s wonderfully maniacal performance in the BBC TV series I, Claudius that usually comes to mind. Hurt dances in a gold bikini, sports a beard...
The Pyramid of Cestius overlooks the Protestant Cemetery of Rome

The Pyramid of Cestius: Why Would a Roman Nobleman Construct a Pyramid Tomb?

In the heart of ancient Rome, near the Porta San Paolo, the last echo of a Roman fascination with the power of Egypt is located. The pyramid was built during the reign of Augustus, the adopted son of...
Deriv; Wu Zetian, famous work of art depicting the Chinese emperor's large procession.

Entire Family Executed by First Female Emperor of China: Tomb Reveals Bloody Past

1,300 years ago Yan Shiwei was an honored magistrate dedicated to supporting the first (and only) female Emperor in Chinese history—until she had him and his family executed. His bones have now been...