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Last Supper

Vienna – Copy of Mosaic of Last supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Source: Renáta Sedmáková/Adobe Stock

Researchers Close in on Lost Location of Jesus’ Last Supper

One of the great historical quests in Biblical archaeology has been the search for the room in Jerusalem where Jesus shared his Last Supper with the apostles. Since traditional archaeological...
The Gethsemane garden area archaeological site where the ritual baths were found (far left just beyond the frame of this image).

Ancient Ritual Bath Found At Biblical Garden of Gethsemane

While constructing a tunnel near the garden of Gethsemane east of Jerusalem, builders uncovered an underground cavern that was later identified as a mikveh , or ritual bath, that was apparently used...
A Secret Grail Crypt Under A London River? The Search Is On

A Secret Grail Crypt Under A London River? The Search Is On

An amateur archaeologist in England claims the Holy Grail is buried in a secret “Grail crypt” under a river in Hounslow, London. And an environment agency plans to drain the river to find out if the...
There is much debate between scholars to Jesus’ crucifixion date, but there is no real consensus. Is there anyway of us knowing the truth? Left: portrait of Sir Isaac Newton. (Public domain).     Right: representation of Jesus’ crucifixion. (Kovalenko I / Adobe stock)

Sir Isaac Newton’s Astronomical Dating of Christ's Crucifixion

Whether he existed as a physical person, or as some believe, was merely an archetype from Jewish mysticism, Jesus has taken the world by storm and according to the Complete Pilgrim , very rough...
Ancient Last Supper charm

Ancient Last Supper charm is earliest known use of magic in Christianity

A 1,500-year-old papyrus stored in John Rylands Library in the University of Manchester has been studied for the first time in more than a century, revealing that the ancient text was actually a...