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Celestial globe with clockwork, 1579 (Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain)

This Globe Features Mythology, Science, and Technology (Video)

Crafted in the 16th century by Gerhard Emmoser for Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, the “ Celestial Globe with Clockwork” stands as a remarkable fusion of art, science, and engineering. It incorporates...
The Hunt-Lenox Globe (Public Domain)

Here Be Dragons: Exploring the Hunt-Lenox Globe (Video)

The Hunt-Lenox globe is a remarkable historical artifact that holds a significant place in cartographic history. As the second-oldest surviving terrestrial globe , it offers invaluable insights into...
Atlas was tasked with supporting the world on his shoulders. Source: rudall30 / Adobe Stock.

Atlas: The God with the World on His Shoulders

Atlas is one of the most famous Titans in Greek mythology. He is best-known for bearing the sky on his shoulders, a punishment inflicted on him by Zeus following the Titanomachy . Although Atlas’...
Portrait of Ferdinand Magellan and his ship Trinidad on postage stamp

500 Years Ago Today Magellan and Elcano Set Sail to Conquer the World

On August 10, 1519, King Charles of Spain watched naval officers Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano set sail to the ‘Spice Islands’, now the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. 239 brave men...
A globe from 1504 that may be the world's oldest depicting the New World is engraved on ostrich egg halves in this photo from the Washington Map Society

Globe on an Ostrich Egg is World’s Oldest Depiction of the New World

An elaborately carved globe made from joining the lower halves of two ostrich eggs is the oldest known depiction of the New World. The 16th century globe had become lost to the pages of history but...
Can you Believe these Gorgeous Globes are Painstakingly Hand-made and Illustrated?

Can you Believe these Gorgeous Globes are Painstakingly Hand-made and Illustrated?

If you had a globe at home when you were a child, you may have played the game of spinning the globe, placing your finger on it lightly, and wherever the globe stops under your finger is where you...
Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan: Defying all Odds in a Voyage around the World

The historical figure Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who remains famous for the first circumnavigation of the earth, proving that the earth is round. However, the voyage was dogged by...
Sea Monsters

The Evolution of Sea Monsters on Medieval Maps

A recently published book published by the British Library charts the evolution of iconic sea serpents, mermaids and other mythical creatures found on world maps from the 10 th century through to...
Oldest Globe of New World Carved on Ostrich Eggs

Oldest Globe of New World Carved on Ostrich Eggs?

A long-forgotten globe carved onto an ostrich egg and dating back to the early 1500s has resurfaced and may be the first ever globe to depict the New World. Purchased anonymously at the 2012 London...