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Philip II banned Arabic in an attempt to quash Moorish heritage. Detail from the ceiling of the Hall of Kings at the Alhambra in Granada. Source: Rumomo / CC BY-SA 4.0

Philip II Outlawed Arabic to Try to Erase Moorish Heritage in Spain

The reign of Philip II of Spain stands as a pivotal era marked by religious fervor. In 1566, Philip II issued a decree that reverberated across the Iberian Peninsula. This edict not only outlawed the...
Detail from Nicolas Poussin’s depiction of the Biblical story of Joshua’s victory over the Amalek. Source: Public domain

Who Were the Biblical Amalek People?

If you’ve been following the news, you will have heard references to the use of the term Amalek which was cited by South Africa at the International Court of Justice in The Hague in January 2024. But...
Sioux children on their first day of school, 1897. Library of Congress.

How the US Stole Thousands of Native American Children (Video)

During the late 19th century, the United States implemented a deeply troubling practice that involved the removal of thousands of Native American children from their families and tribes . These...
A representation of an ancient Chinese battle scene. Stunning stone carved architecture. Source: Igor/AdobeStock

Extermination of the Wu Hu and the Merciless Policies of General Ran Min

Great diversity was not uncommon in the history of Ancient China. In such a vast nation, many ethnicities co-existed, and were instrumental in the shaping of its history. However, diversity did not...
Representation of genocides with photo of stacked human skulls.      Source: papi8888 / Adobe stock.

Suffering the Conquerors: 5 Worst Genocides in Ancient History

The history of our world has always been a bloody and difficult affair, full of struggles, wars and conquests. And in the centuries before our own, tribes and chieftains, kingdoms and empires, all...
A new study reveals that queens were more warlike than kings. Source: Evdoha / Adobe Stock.

A New Study Reveals Queens Were MUCH More Warlike Than Kings

Scientists have proven historical queens were “38.8%” more likely to declare war than kings. When Canadian cognitive psychologist and author Steven Pinker claimed men instigated “almost all the world...
Spanish conquistadors of the New World.

Colonization of the Americas Caused Climatic Change

New research indicates that the death toll of the indigenous population of the Americas during and after European colonization was so high that it changed the environment around the globe and led to...
 A journey from London to Persepolis; including wanderings in Daghestan, Georgia, Armenia., by USSHER, John. Source:  (British Library / Public Domain)

Who Are the Yazidis and Why Have They Been Continually Persecuted?

The Yazidis (also spelled as Yezidis) are a religious minority found primarily in northern Iraq. In recent years, the Yazidis have received the attention of the international media as a result of...
Apadana Hall, 5th century BC carving of Persian and Median soldiers in traditional costume (Medians are wearing rounded hats and boots). The Magi were a group of immigrants from Media who followed the Zoroastrian faith.

The Slaughter Of The Magi: How Ancient Persia Made Genocide an Annual Holiday

Long before the Holocaust and the atrocities we see today, history has been littered with genocide . Time and time again, minority groups living in the midst of a culture that isn’t their own have...
Skeleton found in Sidon, Lebanon, from which the Canaanite DNA was extracted

New Analysis of Ancient DNA Proves that Canaanites Survived Biblical Massacre

Science Mag reports that the ancient Canaanites were not exterminated, as the Hebrew Bible suggests, but instead they survived and went on to become modern-day Lebanese, as the first study to analyze...
Human bones dating to the Late Iron Age.

150,000 fled for their lives, but were slaughtered by Julius Caesar army, bones reveal

A cache of bones and artifacts buried at a site near to where the Waal and Meuse rivers meet testify to a genocidal slaughter of tragic proportions. As recorded by Julius Caesar himself, a bloody...
Illustration of The last of the Charrúas (1833), Delaunois

The Last of the Charrua: The Honored Warrior Tribe of Uruguay

Uruguay is said to be the only Latin American country without an indigenous population. However, they did have a fearsome warrior tribe living in the country for thousands of years. Believed to be...