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composite bow

Ancient Greek archer. Source: Stanislav / Adobe Stock.

Could an Ancient Greek Bow Outperform a Modern One? (Video)

In a recent experiment two historians, Theodore, and Christos, decided to find out which is better an ancient Greek bow or its modern equivalent. Theodore wielded a replica of the legendary bow of...
Ancient Egyptian god Seth. Source: byerenyerli / Adobe Stock.

The Most Deadly Weapons of Ancient Egypt (Video)

The ancient Egyptians were masterful innovators when it came to warfare, with a diverse and deadly arsenal of weapons at their disposal. From the iconic khopesh sword, with its curved blade designed...
Scythians shooting with the Scythian bow, Kerch (ancient Panticapeum), Crimea, 4th century BC.

Pick Your Poison: The AK-47 of the Ancient Near East

The Scythian bow was the AK-47 of the Ancient Near East and the weapon of choice to dominate the battlefield. Even though the bow was uniquely designed to deliver the utmost damage, the arrow itself...