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Sites in TN

Does anyone know of any sites in the Tennessee area? My husband live here and we would love to take some day trips. We've done some hiking around the greater Nashville area...I've seen a few caves and sinkholes and things....things that I suspect might be like a Mound...but nothing definate. 


Just curious. 

Tennessee sites

There are actually some very interesting things there. Here is a book detailing some of them.

 “The Natural And Aboriginal History of Tennessee,” by Dr. John Haywood,  ...

Also there is an "old fortification"  ( They believed back then that the stoneworks and such must be made by the new settlers somehow so you will find them referred to as "forts": and other things) in White county which is supposed to have contained beings of the mound builder species who ( giants with reddish hair) who predate the Natives in this area.  Would love to hear what you find..





Nisa Carroll Burkay

Nisa do you live in TN?

Nisa do you live in TN? Exploring for me and my husband is currently limited to the weekends because of working, and the weekends can be tricky because of our 9 month old. We have taken her on some hikes though, but she's getting heavy. Lol. I think we're going to plan some trips for the fall when it's not as hot and I only work part-time. If we find anything cool, I'll be sure to take some pics and whatnot! I'll check that book out. Thank you!

love, light and blessings


oh wow, i just found a cool

oh wow, i just found a cool link to the book!

love, light and blessings