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Object found , opinions wanted

Hello, I wanted to share this object I found and get peoples thoughts on it. It was found while gold dredging this summer in the North Central Cascades, Washington State, USA. It appears to me to be a micro engraved artifact of unknown origin. It measures approx. 4.1mm x 3.1mm and is .49mm thick. It appears to be copper coated gold with a precision micro engraved repeating pattern etched into the surface.

IMGUR image address is:

Other objects that appeared to be VERY old electronic components have also been collected from the area in the past but were stolen from my collection. I’d love to hear from people who know more about these things, Thanks.

(The collection site is in the mountains 22+ miles from the nearest town)

Object found

I see it sitting on your black sands (and some nice chippys of gold) woruld you say that it is as dence as silver (say 11) or as dence as gold (say 18). I have found perfect little micro springs of gold on the San Francisco river outside of Morinci Arizona, we belevieved them to be natural. I have never seen any natural gold desingn such as this.

I have this convolution mapping filter that searches for repeating fractals inside images. Things mage by shamens and monks and such always have weird imagry. Mundaine things have weird imagry that is not faces. I will run it on these images if you like.

Object found

In my amiture opinion this does not apperar to be an intentional work of art. Here is what I think it is, somebody in the past lost a sluice box in the river.The little bit of gold that was left was covered by a rusty layer. Subsequent flooding broke the rusty layer with the gold embedded into pieces.