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Lady Godiva Statue on her horse in Coventry Town Centre 	Source: xtrillian/Adobe Stock

Uncovering the Truth Behind the Real Lady Godiva (Video)

Unraveling Lady Godiva's historical tapestry involves navigating through legends and nuances. The infamous 11th-century Countess of Mercia is best known for her supposed naked ride through Coventry,...
Splat pattern. Source: Ruslan Gilmanshin / Adobe Stock By Sahir Pandey

William the Conqueror’s Body Exploded in a Grotesque Shower at Funeral

The first Norman king of England met an untimely and turbulent death, although, to be fair, the situation really ‘exploded’ after his death. William the Conqueror, sometimes known as William the...
Viking in action. Credit: Nomad_Soul / Adobe Stock

The Life and Death of Sweyn Forkbeard and His Viking Empire

Sweyn I, known also as Sweyn Tiugeskaeg (which means ‘Forkbeard’), was a Viking chief who became the ruler of Denmark, Norway, and England. His byname, ‘Forkbeard’, is a reference to his long, cleft...
Medieval Queen, her King and knights in castle.

Bones of Powerful Medieval Queen Identified at Winchester Cathedral

Archaeologists have potentially made a very important discovery after tests on human remains from early medieval mortuary caskets in England. They examined a large number of human bones and believe...
Window with a portrait of Harald in Lerwick Town Hall, Shetland

A Military Life for Clever King Harald: Serving the Empire and Stopping the Pirates – Part I

In 1015, Harald Sigurdsson was born. He was the youngest of three sons born to Sigurd Syr, who ruled over a petty kingdom in Ringerike, located in the region of Buskerud. Harald’s upbringing is not...