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Chan Chan

One of the 11 elite individuals from the Chimú period uncovered at Chan Chan, Trujillo, Peru.	Source: Peruvian Ministry of Culture

Bone Remains of 11 Deceased Elite Uncovered at Chan Chan

A team of researchers has uncovered the bone remains of 11 individuals at the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex, dated to 800 years old. These have been located specifically at the foot of the...
Chan Chan, Peru. Source: gavioneta / Adobe Stock.

The Tragic Story of Chan Chan, Peru's Lost City (Video)

In the vast expanse of the Peruvian desert, lies the remains of one of the greatest cities of human history: Chan Chan. Built over a thousand years ago, the city was once the thriving capital of the...
The face of the Chimu culture wooden Chan Chan sculpture recently discovered on the periphery of the giant Chan Chan complex near Trujillo, Peru. Source: Decentralized Directorate of Culture of La Libertad / Peruvian government

Perfectly Preserved Chimu Sculpture Found at Chan Chan, Peru

A perfectly preserved Peruvian Chimu culture sculpture in the form of an intriguing wooden figure, has been found at a ceremonial center near Chan Chan, Trujillo in northern Peru. Dated between 850...
The recently discovered elite Chan Chan mass grave burial ground near Trujillo, Peru.		Source: Peru News Agency - ANDINA

25 Elite Skeletons Unearthed From Chan Chan Mass Grave, Peru

Archaeologists exploring the ancient Peruvian city of Chan Chan have uncovered the skeletal remains of 25 people in one medium-sized burial site. The men, women, and children interred there would...
Rare Pre-Hispanic Chimú Burial Discovered In Peru

Rare Pre-Hispanic Chimú Burial Discovered In Peru

Archaeologists in northern Peru have unearthed a rare Chimú culture body with three sacred vessels. The Chimú culture existed from approximately 900 AD until 1470 AD and inhabited the northern coast...
Chan Chan – The Largest Mud-Brick City in the World

Chan Chan – Among the Largest Mud-Brick Cities in the World

The Inca civilization is one of the most notable Pre-Columbian civilizations that existed in Peru. Prior to its rapid rise to power, however, there were other prominent civilizations, which today,...
At Chan Chan statues thought to be marking tombs have been found.

Oldest Statues Ever Found At Chan Chan Have Been Saved From the Claws of Climate Change

Archeologists excavating in Peru, at the largest pre-Columbian ancient site in the America’s, have saved 20 wooden statues dated to around 800-years-old from encroaching weather fronts. Culture...
Main: The ancient city of Chan Chan. Inset: One of the newly-discovered wooden sculptures

Peculiar Wooden Sculptures Discovered at Chan Chan in Peru and May Mark the Graves of Ancient VIPs

Archaeologists excavating the site of the ancient city of Chan Chan in Peru have just announced the discovery of four intriguing wooden sculptures (three male and one female), and an untouched tomb...
Photo of one of the burials discovered at Chan Chan, Peru.

Thirty Two Pre-Hispanic Mummies Uncovered in Peru

A team of Peruvian archaeologists have discovered 32 pre-Hispanic mummies at two separate sites located between La Libertad and Lima. The burials revealed skeletal remains, jewelry, textiles, and...