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Artistic representation of the future roundhouse set to be built at St. Bride’s Mound in Glastonbury. Source: Friends of St. Bride's Mound

St. Bride’s Mound: Oldest Monastic Ruins in England Exposed

The village of Glastonbury in Somerset, southwestern England, plans to open a tourism complex at the St. Bride's Mound historical site, discovered to contain the oldest Christian monastic ruins ever...
The Village Funeral by Daniel MacDonald (Public Domain)

Howling The Horror Of Loss: Keening And Death Lament Of The Irish

“ Bríg came and keened for her son. At first she shrieked, in the end she wept. Then for the first time weeping and lamentation were heard in Ireland .” The quotation comes from the ancient Irish...
A Tale of Two Brigids: a Celtic Goddess and a Christian Saint

A Tale of Two Brigids: A Celtic Goddess and a Christian Saint

St Brigid is one of the patron saints of Ireland. But the virgin nun has roots that go back to the days when the land’s pagan deities received prayers instead. It seems the Celtic goddess Brigid...
Medieval manuscript depicting the legend of the nun praying a hundred and fifty times a day Ave Maria.

Did Irish Medieval Saints Perform Abortions? Controversy Ahead of 8th Amendment Referendum

Irish citizens will go to the polls at the end of May and decide if their Constitution’s Eighth Amendment, which bans abortion, should be repealed or not. The topic is a heavy one, with both sides...