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Reconstruction of how the stone artifact with the handle made of the bitumen-ocher mixture could be held by a Neanderthal woman. 	Source: © Berlin State Museums, Museum of Prehistory and Early History, illustration: Daniela Greinert

Adhesive Grips on Neanderthal Tools Reveals Species’ Advanced Creativity

A team of researchers from Germany and the United States recently published a study that suggests Neanderthals might have had far more creative intelligence than previously believed. The study,...
Researchers analyzed embalming material from the neck of this ancient Egyptian mummy, to understand Egyptian skin and mummification.            Source: Frédérique Vincent, ethnographic conservator / ACS

New Tech Reveals Origin Of Egyptian Mummies’ Skin Color

Just how much can you learn from the color of a person’s skin? Well, in the case of Egyptian mummies, it is now turning out to be quite a lot. Researchers have worked out a non-intrusive way to map...
Water for Camp, depicting the everyday life of Native American women, Charles M. Russell

Could Plastic Bottles Made by Ancient Americans be the Cause of their Health Decline?

According to Wired , scientists believe that ancient Native Americans living in California made their own plastic water bottles. However, they probably didn’t know how toxic the manufacturing process...
A scan of the two teeth with bitumen filling. Credit: Stefano Benazzi

13,000-Year-Old Bitumen Dental Fillings Found in Italy: Earliest Example of Dentistry Known to Date

Researchers have discovered the world's most ancient dental fillings in northern Italy. The fillings were spotted inside a pair of 13,000-year-old front teeth and they were made of bitumen, a semi-...
The Greek amphora analysed in the study

Russian scientists use a mass spectrometer to look inside an ancient Greek amphora

Russian scientists have identified the components of the oldest bitumen sample to be found in an ancient vase and made an accurate estimate of its age. In their article in the Journal of Mass...
Hittites' Artefacts

Archaeologists Find Proof that early Hittites entered Europe

Archaeological discoveries in suburban Istanbul , Turkey, could rewrite the history books as new research has shown that the early Hittites ventured into Europe, while previously it was believed that...