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Detail of the 1,900-year-old statue of the Buddha found at Berenike, an ancient port city in Egypt by the Red Sea. Source: Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities

Statue Reveals Buddhists Likely Mingled with Roman’s In Egypt

Ancient history is replete with examples of cross-cultural ties that have transcended all kinds of boundaries, even before telecommunications and travel existed the way we know today. A reminder of...
A mummified falcon found in Egypt (rob Koopman / CC by SA 2.0)

Headless Mummified Falcons Found in Egyptian Temple Suggests Ancient Ritual

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Egyptian temple with 15 mummified falcons, many of them headless and buried around a pedestal. The discovery suggests a previously unknown ritual performed...
Berenike Fortress Well Speaks of Volcanic Apocalypse

Berenike Fortress Well Speaks of Volcanic Apocalypse

Like in all ancient cultures maintaining access to fresh, unpolluted water, was infinitely more valuable than owning vast tonnages gold, silver and jewels. Archaeologists exploring a water well in...
Statue identified as being Sebiumeker, god of procreation and fertility from Meroe in present-day Sudan. Source: K. Braulinska / PAP

Asian and Nubian Influences Found In Ptolemaic Era Statues in Berenice

Several mysterious statues dating back over 2000 years have been unearthed inside a temple in the ruined port of Berenice in Egypt . What makes them unique is that they exhibit strong influences from...
Representational image of a war elephant. The recently-discovered fortress at Berenike guarded a port that supplied war elephants

2300-Year-Old Fortress Which Guarded Port That Supplied War Elephants Found in Egypt in Major Discovery

A Polish-American archaeological team have discovered the ruins of a 2,300-year-old fortress that once protected the Ancient Egyptian port of “Berenike”, situated strategically on the coast of the...
Some of the remains of ancient Egyptian pets unearthed in Berenike.

2,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Cemetery Containing Dozens of Pets Unearthed in Berenike

A team of archaeologists have discovered a nearly 2,000-year-old pet cemetery holding the remains of dogs, monkeys and scores of cats at the site of Berenike, an Egyptian town on the Red Sea that...
Ancient pet cemetery and ship hull uncovered at Red Sea port

Ancient pet cemetery and ship hull uncovered at Red Sea port

An international team of archaeologists from Poland and the USA have made two significant discoveries at the 2,000-year-old ancient port of Berenike on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, according to a news...