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The Samurai would collect enemy heads. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Smithsonian Channel.

A Samurai's Collection of Human Heads (Video)

Samurai , driven by the need to prove their loyalty and valor to their shogun masters, often resorted to a gruesome practice – the collection of human heads. The severed heads served as tangible...
Executioner with axe. Source: Dziurek/Adobe Stock

Jack Ketch Executioner - Boiled Body Parts in His Kitchen (Video)

Exploring the dark and gruesome history of Jack Ketch , the infamous executioner of 17th-century England, reveals a chilling narrative. Ketch, a civil servant paid for his grim task, gained notoriety...
King Charles I was beheaded with one blow of the axe blade. The identity of the executioner is unknown, as the official executioner credibly denied responsibility. Source: Nomad_Soul / Adobe Stock

King Charles I: The Only English Monarch Executed for Treason

Quite a few European monarchs met their fates at the end of an executioner's axe. One of the most famous examples is King Charles I of England, sentenced to death for treason. Unlike many executions...
Skulls found at Le Cailar archaeological site show signs that the heads were embalmed.

Gallic Warriors Reaped, Embalmed Then Displayed the Heads of Their Slain Enemies

Returning from battle, according to ancient accounts, Gallic warriors displayed the severed heads of their fallen enemies around their horses’ necks for all to see, as they returned victorious to...
Photographs of skull 26 at the burial site, Lapa do Santo, Brazil.

Oldest Beheading Case in the World Discovered in Brazil

Until recently, it was thought that human decapitation was a practice only present from about 3,000 years ago. Evidence had almost always been found in the Andean region, where beheading was in...
Decapitation of King Louis XVI

DNA test on bloody gourd reveals it is not from decapitated King Louis XVI

A new study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports has cast doubt on a centuries-old belief that the blood contained in a decorated gourd (container made from a hard-shelled fruit)...