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Philip Bujak

Philip Kay-Bujak is a former GSA Headmaster and Associate of The Royal Historical Society. He taught English & European History for over twenty years and was a public school headmaster. He was and is a Koestler Literary Award winner. Other publications include numerous articles on education and British history and books on local history, Scottish art and the Great War. He is the author of  The Life of Cicero: Lessons for Today from the Greatest Orator of the Roman Republic by Pen and Sword History


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Cicero with his friend Atticus and brother Quintus, at his villa at Arpinum by Richard Wilson (1771) (Public Domain)

Letters From Cicero To Atticus: Insight Into The Lives Of Roman Scribae

“ Every man can tell how many goats and sheep he possesses but not how many friends ”. Marcus Tullius Cicero Titus Pomponius was neutral both in character and in policy. Perhaps this was his natural...