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Patricia Southern

Patricia Southern is an acknowledged expert on the history of ancient Rome. While working full time as a librarian she studied for a BA degree in Ancient History with the external department of the University of London, and for an MPhil in Roman Frontier Studies at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, where she was Librarian of the Archaeology Department for many years. She has written many books on Roman history and contributed numerous articles on Roman history to the BBC History website and the academic Roman studies journal Britannia. Her latest book is: Rome's Empire How the Romans Acquired and Lost Their Provinces


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Aftermath of Romans Conquering (furyon/ Adobe Stock)

The Roman Empire’s Pragmatic Puzzle Of Provinces

The popular conception of the Romans, mainly fostered by movies and television, extends to their all-conquering dominance, their armies, gladiators, blood and gore, sex and violence, mad emperors,...