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Sandby borg

In house 40 in the Sandby borg ringfort, the skeletons of two young men were found right inside of the door. Further into the house were more human remains.

The Crime of Sandby Borg: Site of a 1,600-Year-Old Tragedy in Sweden

Something terrible happened on Sweden’s Öland Island about 1,600 years ago. It was so bad that after an attack on a small fort there the site was taboo for years. Possibly hundreds of people were...
The gold coin and rings recently unearthed at Sandby Borg.

Archaeologists Strike Gold While Searching for Answers to the Sandby Borg Massacre

Researchers piecing together the horror story of a 5th century massacre off the coast of Sweden have a new element to add to the tale – a gold coin and rings. But does this additional aspect provide...
Child skeleton from 1,500-year-old crime mystery in Sweden

Child skeleton sheds new light on 1,500-year-old crime mystery in Sweden

The Sandby borg massacre refers to an ancient crime scene unearthed on the island of Öland in Sweden, where archaeologists uncovered evidence of a brutal slaughter approximately 1,500 years ago. The...