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Saladin and Guy de Lusignan after battle of Hattin in 1187. Source: Public Domain

Saladin - Conqueror of the Kingdom of Heaven (Video)

Saladin , known as the "Conqueror of the Kingdom of Heaven," emerges from history as a figure of profound complexity and greatness. Born in 1137 in modern-day Iraq, he navigated the tumultuous...
The Ayyubid Empire’s victory against the Crusaders. Image called the Battle of Cresson. Source: Public Domain

Why did the Ayyubid Empire Collapse? (Video)

The Ayyubid Empire, a Sunni Muslim dynasty of Kurdish origin, thrived in the 12th century, ruling over Egypt and the Middle East. Despite initial success under Saladin , the empire's downfall was...
Artist’s impression of a woman caught up in the crusades. (  master1305/ Adobe Stock)

The Exploits Of Margaret Of Beverley, Caught In The Crusades

The Medieval Crusades were a series of important historical events largely told through the perspective of men. Almost all the contemporary commentators, crusader knights, and Christian generals and...
The Hashshashins were a military group of trained fedayeen fighters, also known as the Order of Assassins. Source: warmtail / Adobe Stock

The Notorious Hashshashins, the Original Assassins of Persia

When it comes to legends, none is quite as moviesque as that of the Hashshashins, who in the Middle Ages inspired fear in the hearts of leaders in the Middle East. Hassan-i Sabbah, dubbed the Old Man...
The Army of Saladin, Guillaume de TyrParis, 1337. Source: Public domain

Battlefield Where Richard the Lionheart Defeated Saladin Located

An Israeli archaeologist has identified the long-lost battlefield of Arsuf. This was a battle that took place during the Crusades between the legendary figures of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin...
Entrance to the Aleppo Citadel   Source: Shariff Che'Lah / Adobe Stock

Ancient City and Citadel of War-Torn Aleppo Are Syria’s Golden Age Legacy

A quick look up of Aleppo on any search-engine will bring up hundreds of articles about the conflict in Syria and sadly the name has become a byword for the horrors of war. The country though, has a...
A possible portrait of Saladin, found in a work by Ismail al-Jazari, circa 1185.

The Puzzling Death of Sultan Saladin: A 12th Century Medical Mystery Solved?

Here’s a 12th century medical mystery for you: What malady killed well-known Sultan Saladin? Was it small pox, tuberculosis, typhoid, or maybe malaria? Look at his symptoms – some of them were...
Masyaf Castle, the Seat of the Assassins

Masyaf Castle, the Seat of the Assassins

Fans of the popular video game series Assassin’s Creed would be familiar with the castle of Masyaf in Syria. In the series, the castle of Masyaf was the headquarters of the notorious Assassins, and...