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Fossilized bones of the largest pterosaur or flying reptile ever found in South America, about the size of a yellow school bus, have been found in the western mountains of Argentina.		Source: warpaintcobra / Abobe Stock

Argentina’s ‘Dragon of Death:’ South America’s Largest Pterosaur!

A team of paleontologists have discovered the fossilized remains of a new species of airborne reptile in the Andes Mountains of western Argentina. Dubbed the “Dragon of Death” by its discoverers,...
An artist’s impression of the Thapunngaka shawi, the largest Australian pterosaur ever!

Largest-ever Australian Pterosaur Reconstructed In Amazing New Study

A gigantic prehistoric jawbone recovered near the small Australian outback town of Richmond in Northwest Queensland belonged to a previously undiscovered type of Australian pterosaur, a University of...
A flock of adult and hatchling flamingo-like pterosaurs, known as Pterodaustro guinazui, take flight in early Cretaceous-period Argentina.            Source: Dr Mark Witton / Nature

Pterosaurs, the First Flying Dinos, Could Fly as Babies, Says Research

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports has revealed that baby pterosaurs could most likely fly almost as soon as they hatched from their eggs. Pterosaurs were flying reptiles that...
Battle Of The Pterosaurs! Britain vs China In Dinosaur Wrangle

Battle Of The Pterosaurs! Britain vs China In Dinosaur Wrangle

The word “pterosaur” translates to “winged lizard” and these creatures existed during most of the Mesozoic period : from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous (228 to 66 million years ago)...
Reconstruction of Batrachopus trackmaker from the Lower Cretaceous Jinju Formation of South Korea, a bipedal ancient crocodile. Source: Anthony Romilio, The University of Queensland / Nature

Ancient Crocodiles Walked On Two Legs Like Dinosaurs

The discovery of large, well-preserved footprints belonging to an ancestor of modern-day crocodiles from the Lower Cretaceous Jinju Formation of South Korea is reported this week in Scientific...