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Archaeologist excavating the skeletal remains of a priest discovered within the Pacopampa tomb in Peru. Source: Peru’s Ministry of Culture

3,000-Year-Old Pacopampa Tomb Reveals Religious Rites of Ancient Peru

A team of archaeologists from Peru and Japan have discovered a circular grave in northern Peru that is approximately 3,000 years old, and maybe even older. The Pacopampa tomb and burial site...
The Pacopampa priest’s tomb in its cleaned-up state, which was found by Peruvian and Japanese archaeologists in the Cajamarca of Peru. Source: Peruvian Ministry of Culture

Newly Discovered 1000 BC Pacopampa Priest’s Tomb in Peru Is Turning Heads

A team of archaeologists have discovered what they believe to be the tomb of a religious leader from ancient Peru at the Pacopampa site, a priestly figure, who was baptized as the “priest of the...
Two burials of individuals with signs of trauma found at Pacopampa, Peru.

Peruvian Oracles Threw Stones and Clubs at Commoners in Acts of Ritual Violence

Healed over fractured skulls and limbs and a dislocated elbow – these are signs that archaeologists are interpreting as evidence of ritual violence having taken place in Peru about 3,200 years ago...
The double burial of the Serpent-Jaguar Priests, Pacopampa, Peru.

Lost for 2 700 years: Tomb of the Serpent Jaguar Priests Uncovered in Peru

A very interesting tomb has been uncovered in San Pedro de Pacopampa, Chota Province, Cajamarca Region, Peru. The tomb contains a double burial of what is believed to be high-ranking priests from the...