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Nile Valley

The Nile turned ancient Egypt into a superpower. Source: ahmudz / Adobe Stock.

What Transformed Egypt into an Ancient Power? (Video)

Egypt's ascent to ancient prominence wasn't a stroke of luck; it was an agricultural transformation that set the stage for unparalleled civilization. The lush Nile Valley , fed by nutrient-rich soil...
The ancient city of Kerma, Sudan.

The Forgotten Kingdom of Kerma and Its Incredible Deffufas

The Kingdom of Kerma was an ancient civilization that existed between 2500 BC and 1500 BC, located in what is today the northern part of Sudan. This kingdom was the first Nubian state, and its...
Polish archaeologists in Egypt looking for ancient evidence relating to the importance and role played by Egyptian deserts in early Egyptian civilization.       Source: E. Kuciewicz / Science in Poland

How Deserts Played A Key Role in the Building of Egypt

Egyptian deserts surrounded the ancient civilization of Egypt, and for many they were feared as places of danger and chaos. However, the Egyptians were also very dependent upon these desert regions...
Traditional hand-made bread (gosphotodesign / Adobe Stock)

History Buff Bakes Ancient Egyptian Bread Using 1,500-Year-Old Yeast Scrapings

A history enthusiast has baked loaves of ancient bread based on an ancient Egyptian recipe and using an ingredient that was 1,500 years old – yeast scrapings taken from ancient Egyptian bread pots...