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Nile river

Roman aqueducts in Caesarea, Israel.

Water Management in Ancient Civilizations: From Aqueducts to Qanats

Water management has been a cornerstone of human civilization since the dawn of agricultural societies . The availability and control of water resources have not only dictated the survival of...
Roman Kiosk and Apedamak (lion god) temple in Naqa, Nubia Sudan. Source: YiannisMantas/Adobe Stock

The Ancient City of Naqa - The Kushite Religious Stronghold

For centuries the ancient Nubian Kingdom of Kush stood as a potent rival of the neighboring Ancient Egypt. Over countless generations, the rising Kushite polity engaged in intermittent warfare, trade...
The goddess Hathor

Hathor: Goddess of Joy and Motherhood Near the Nile

The shadow of Hathor is still present in many places related to the monumental history of ancient Egypt. She was one of the most important goddesses near the Nile and remains one of the best-known...