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Stone blocks discovered at the Inca quarry at Cañete, Peru.    Source: PQN/ Peru Ministry of Culture

Lost Inca Road Network and Stone Quarries Uncovered in Peru

In the province of Cañete, Peru, archaeologists have unearthed Inca stone quarries and a previously unknown road network at Cerros de Quilmaná and Cerro Quinta Freno. These quarries played a crucial...
The best-ever Roman amphitheater, a Roman Colosseum replica that could seat 15 - 20,000 has recently been discovered in a field in Western Turkey, complete with underground gladiator and administrator rooms.

Astonished Archaeologists Find Roman Colosseum Replica in Anatolia

While exploring the site of the ancient city of Mastaura in western Turkey last summer, archaeologists discovered something remarkable. Partially buried in the earth and further obscured beneath...
Taq-e Bostan, famous rock relief monument of Sassanid Persia

Histories of the Sassanian Kings Rivalry with the Romans Are Set in Stone at the Taq-e Bostan Monument

Taq-e Bostan (known also as Taq va san) is an archaeological site located in Kermanshah, a western province in Iran. This region is best-known for its numerous monuments dating to the Sassanian...
A photo of the Unfinished Obelisk at Aswan

Why Did the Egyptian Masons Down Tools on the Largest Obelisk Ever?

The Unfinished Obelisk is an ancient Egyptian obelisk located in Aswan. This obelisk is known for its massive size, as well as for the fact that the work that was carried out on it was never finished...
Ritual Chambers of the Andes: Used in Secret, Near Death Simulations

Ritual Chambers of the Andes: Used in Secret, Near Death Simulations

Rather than being burial chambers, the chullpas of Sillustani and Cutimbo were used for a secret, near-death simulation in which candidates returned 'risen'. Conventional history claims the Inka...
James Balme found this stone on sale as a garden ornament in England

Ancient stone with strange carvings, possibly Anglo-Saxon, turns up in garden shop

A stone with mysterious carvings, possibly dating from the Anglo-Saxon or Viking era, had been on sale as a garden ornament when television host and archaeologist James Balme bought it recently,...