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Marden Henge

The site of Marden Henge in Wiltshire (Snip View)

Ancient Ceremonial Site 10 Times Bigger than Stonehenge Hits the Archaeological Spotlight

Until recently, Marden Henge was a little known archaeological site, barely visible from the ground and from above. However, recent excavations have thrown this historically important area into the...
The child's skull after excavation; scientists hope to determine a lot about the person buried, such as diet, place of habitation, any diseases and cause and year of death.

Body of 4,000-year-old teenager near Stonehenge may give clues about Bronze Age lives

Archaeologists have unearthed a 4,000-year-old adolescent who lived near Stonehenge and was buried in the fetal position with an amber necklace. Now archaeologists working at the site of Marden Henge...
4,400-year-old ruins found near ceremonial site in Britain

4,400-year-old ruins found near ceremonial site may be the oldest house ever found in Britain

Archaeologists are excavating the remnants of a house up to 4,400-years old on the site of Marden Henge, England, which lies halfway between the World Heritage Sites of Stonehenge and Avebury. Marden...