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Spartan woman with warrior in the background (serhiibobyk / Adobe Stock)

The Slaveholding City-State Of Sparta’s Liberated Women

On the face of it, Spartans might have felt right at home living under the iron fist of the Third Reich given that this city-state—more than any other in the Greek world—- sacrificed individuality on...
Foothills of Mount Taygetos - Lacedaemon

The ancient city of Lacedaemon – is it the legendary Atlantis? Part Two

(Read Part One) Turning to the second “point of agreement” about the location of Atlantis is the highly disputed location of the ‘Pillars of Hercules’. Many scholars identified the Pillars with the...
The ancient city of Lacedaemon

The ancient city of Lacedaemon – is it the legendary Atlantis?

The name Lacedaemon is derived from the verb, λαγχάνω (lachano), to assign somebody something by lot, and δαίμων (daemon), which means God in ancient Greek. Lacedaemon therefore denotes the divine...
City of Lacedaemon - Pellana Laconias

Greek Government blocked discovery of the ‘mythical’ city of Lacedaemon

In the ancient Greek epic poem the ‘Iliad’, once believed to be the story of myth and legend, Homer spoke of ten cities. Today, the names of those cities can be seen in towns and villages around...
Dr Theodoros G. Spyropoulos

Dr Theodoros G. Spyropoulos

Theodore Spyropoulos (Greek: Θεόδωρος Σπυρόπουλος) is a Greek archaeologist, regional official of Greece's Central Archaeological Council, and author of the three-volume book titled ‘Lacedaemon’...