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Was the marshland of Flag Fen the location of King Arthur’s Excalibur legend. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Smithsonian Channel.

This Marsh May Be Where King Arthur Found Excalibur (Video)

In the marshland of Flag Fen, situated in eastern England, a treasure trove of ancient artifacts has emerged from the murky depths. Among these finds, thousands of oak timbers, remnants of a pier or...
Must Farm was only inhabited for about a year before burning away

Must Farm: Britain's Pompeii Reveals Burning Bronze Age Secrets

Dubbed ‘Britain’s Pompeii,’ Must Farm is an amazingly well-preserved Bronze Age site in Cambridgeshire, England. The 3,000-year-old site has made international archaeology news headlines time and...
Bronze Age time capsule

Bronze Age time capsule: 3,000-year-old vitrified food found in jars in England

Archaeologists have the opportunity to discover how people in the late Bronze Age lived and what they ate by excavating a dwelling destroyed by fire 3,000 years ago in Cambridgeshire County, England...
The wooden wheel unearthed at Must Farm.

Bronze Age Wooden Wheel Adds to List of Surprising Finds at Must Farm

At the Must Farm Bronze Age site in England archaeologists have now turned up a wooden wheel to add to other significant finds there, including vitrified food and well-preserved textiles, wooden...
Archaeologists work from scaffolding to excavate a roundhouse that collapsed into the river after a fire.

Houses from 3,000 Years Ago Are Among Best-Preserved of the Era in Britain

Archaeologists in England are making headway excavating two remarkably well-preserved Bronze Age dwellings that were burned in a fire and collapsed from their stilts into a river below about 3,000...