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The rare hoard, which includes Christian coins, has been linked to "one of the most dramatic events in the history of Caesarea."

Rare Gold ‘Christian Coins’ Shed Light on the Story of a Crusader Massacre in Ancient Caesarea

Many archaeological finds cannot be linked to one particular dramatic event. However, the recent discovery of a hoard of coins can be linked to one very significant event in the era of the Crusades...
The ruins of Beni Hammad Fort.

Beni Hammad Fort: Ruins Attest the Dreams of a Medieval Algerian Islamic Dynasty

Today, only the ruins of the city attest to the important status Beni Hammad Fort once enjoyed in the history of Algeria. It saw glory as a Medieval stronghold and as the capital of a local dynasty...
Ancient Israel Fountain

Archaeologists unearth 10th century estate and fountain with plumbing still intact

Archaeologists in Israel have unearthed an estate outside the district of Old Ramla, complete with a decorative fountain and a plumbing system which was found in tact and almost complete. It is the...