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For centuries, indigenous history has been largely told through a European lens.         Source: John White, circa 1585-1593, © The Trustees of the British Museum, CC BY-NC-SA

Archaeologists Have Dates Wrong for North American Indigenous History

Columbus famously reached the Americas in 1492. Other Europeans had made the journey before, but the century from then until 1609 marks the creation of the modern globalized world. This period...
Reborn ancient palm tree saplings    . Source: Guy Eisner / Sciencemag.

Fabled Palm Trees Reborn From Ancient Seeds In Israel

In Israel, researchers have managed to cultivate palm trees from seeds that date back to the ancient world. They were able to grow palm saplings that are similar to those once grown in ancient Judea...
Bahla Fort, one of four historic fortresses in Oman

Bahla Fort: Oman’s Incredible Desert Oasis

Oman is the oldest independent nation in the Arab world and has many important historic forts that date from the pre-gunpowder era in the Middle East. Bahla Fort, which stands proud over the modern...
The Palace at Sayil, a Maya city on the Gulf of Mexico side of the Yucatan Peninsula. Heavily damaged by ancient floods, complete reconstruction is impossible because of scattered stoneworks.

The Maya Controversy: Startling New Evidence for an Antediluvian People who Influenced the World

The oral traditions of Native Americans are historical content that most academics refuse to reference, even in the face of startlingly accurate perceptions of early earth conditions and human...