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Female Chimps and Tools

Not to sound arrogant but we men pride ourselves on the use and making of tools.  However, our pride might be a bit overrated!

In the study of chimpanzees primatologists have noted more than once that chimps use a variety of tools including sharpened sticks, wands, and rocks or small branches to crack open nuts.  Female chimps teach their young how to use these tools and if the infant doesn't get it right the mother will keep teaching the infant how to use the tool until the infant does get it right.  Additionally, primatologists have noted that most of the time it is the female chimps who use the tools the most often.

So here's the question.....

We share 97% of our DNA with chimps.  Might the development of tool use actually been initiated by females instead of males?  If we take our observations of female chimps and tool use then it's a big possibility that it was females who actually invented tools and not males at all.

What do you think?  Sorry guys!


females and tools

ha ha, Roberto, i will tell you what i have seen. i have no college degree but like to watch people and how they act and or behave. i spent 20 years in the building trades. i substitute taught in middle and high school shop for a while. what you say totally is true. not only are they just as able as any man, maybe more so and women or in this case young girls even, are better at multi-tasking too. they take more pride in their work as well as a general rule too. a wise man once said to me: "women are born multi-taskers, men are not. a man can change the oil, or do a brake job. women can put on their make-up, text their BFFL, eat a breakfast burrito, smoke a cigarette, all while honking their horn, dynamiting their brakes, and flipping me off, while I, a simple man, try to drive through a green light, AND survive!"  jokes aside i agree with you completely and our society has dumbed women down like everybody else, and turned them into 2nd class citizens to boot.


I still invent tools all the

I still invent tools all the a crafty person if I don't know exactly how to do something, I literally make it up. I do it most often when I'm crocheting. I've always been good at things like that. When I have a problem I think of it like a wall and if I can't go around either side I figure out how to go over it, under it or something through it. 

love, light and blessings


Riparian no more driving for

Riparian no more driving for you!  AB you're now the new subject of my study and tool invention/use LOL.

Seriously, I know a lot of women who are tool inventors and master problems with unique invention or approaches.  I can't help but wonder if female chimps did not invent tools or teach their young how to master them then would chimps use tools at all?  Would the males then invent and teach?  

Sadly, Riparian what you say is very true.  Our entire society has been dumbed down and on purpose I believe.  Women have been handed a bad rap over the centuries and today both men and women are getting it.  I often feel that society is at a breaking point. It's simply a matter of when.  And perhaps something must break before we can move on.

Winning team

How about a kind of cooperation between the male and female?  We still do it in present day.  When two heads get together to solve problems it's a winning team, no?  Men and women have different approch to look at it, both ways merge together can do wonders.


I get the cooperation thing,

I get the cooperation thing, but come's the female stopping to ask for directions...and probably saying "hey honey, wouldn't it be a lot easier to get those ants out of the ant hill if you just poked this stick in it?"

love, light and blessings



LOL I remember traveling with my grandparents one time.  They had a bit of an argument over which direction to go in northern Colorado.  To make a long story short my grandfather ended all of us up in Wyoming!  My grandmother had the directions correct the whole time but he wouldn’t listen to her (she had asked for directions when we stopped to get gas).  My grandfather finally stopped and asked someone for directions and the guy kind of laughed and asked him if he knew where he was.  My grandfather sheepishly replied he did not.  The guy smiled broadly and told him he was in Wyoming.  I will never forget the look on my grandfathers face LOL.  And you should have seen the look on my grandmothers face.  She looked like the cat that just ate the bird!!  She looked at my grandfather and simply said “Told you so,” and they didn’t speak all the way back down to Denver.



That is social engineering

Men are socially engineered to show strength, whether it be physical strength or mental strength.  Showing mental or physical weakness makes them a less desirable mate or member of society.  They think that they are viewed as less capable if they cannot accomplish something on their own.  Some men view asking for directions as a sign of weakness, that they are not capable of navigating on their own.  Yes it is stupid, but society has been constructed in a way that gives us this result.  It doesn’t have anything to do with a man’s ability to use or invent tools.  Actually, the way society(human society) is constructed, the male would have more motivation to invent, as it would make him more capable and viewed as a more suitable mate.  If you break it down biologically, men and women should be equal in all aspects from a mental standpoint.  It is for the most part, social engineering that determines the behaviors of either and what they excel at.  

Men are from mars..

“If you break it down biologically, men and women should be equal in all aspects from a mental standpoint.  It is for the most part, social engineering that determines the behaviors of either and what they excel at.”

Except not.  The human brain is a series of function-specific modules which differ to some degree by sex.  Though one's individual genetics and local culture bear influence on how they perceive gender roles and values, there are innate differences between the sexes, including strengths and weaknesses unique to each sex.

LOL good points!

LOL good points!