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Stoneage diet

I was wondering if anybody else was interested in diets on this site. Whilst researching the plethora of diets available it seemed to make sense to go back to see what modern man was eating before all the revolutions in agriculture and industry. From what I have read cereals did not form any part of the stoneage diet because they hadn’t been developed yet. However in today’s world many people on a diet of rice, which is a gluten free cereal, live long and healthy lives. The diets of Western people high in saturated fat, sugar and processed carbohydrates seem to have high rates of heart and other obese related conditions. The diet of stoneage man was high in vegetables, fruit and meat. About 65% of calorie intake was from meat, but no cereal grain. So my thoughts are if we were to return to the diets of our ancestors we would have to cut out all cereals, however how then do we explain the success of Eastern diets high in rice. Any opinions out there?

I am on what I call a psuedo

I am on what I call a psuedo-pescatarian diet. The only meat I eat is fresh fish and wild game both of which I catch or hunt myself. I do eat cereals, but more rice than anything. I have been on this diet for about 7-8 months and I feel better than I have in a long time, physically and spiritually. I don't know if that helps any, but I guess my final thought is if you can't figure it out, I say screw it and just eat rice anyway. It is stupid good for you.

Peace and Love,


I think the greatest culprit

I think the greatest culprit in cereals is the sugar content when it comes to diseases like diabetes and obesity.  Refined sugars are harmful period!  What you are speaking of is the Paleo Diet.  As near as we can tell meat, fruits, vegetables formed the basis of that diet in most cases.  Cereals and grains were not really consumed by our ancestors prior to the invention of agriculture and the domestication of cereals and other plants.  That's all fine and well but there is another HUGE factor that must be considered.

Our ancestors didn't sit around as many of us do today.  Their lives were hard and their lives required physical movement (exercise).  Those who were the hunters often walked many miles per day in search of prey.  Those who collected fruits, vegetables, tubars, nuts, etc spent most of their day collecting these foods and it required work as these foods were likely not just out in the open easily available.  It might have meant climbing a tree or hiking up a hill or mountain or down into a valley or canyone to get these foods.  My point is our ancestors were physically active throughout most of the day and that along with their lean diet made them strong and healthy.  So there is more than just diet involved.  

Something else you must consider is the meat we find in our markets today is NOT the meat eaten by our ancient ancestors.  They ate wild game meat which is leaner and healthier than our modern store meat which is often pumped so full of antibiotics, growth hormones, that we only get minimal nutrition from them. When it comes to plants the plants we have available to eat today are not as healthy as they once were and lot of their loss of nutritional value is due to over-farming and the overuse of chemicals and pesticides.  Wild game is the best and raising your own animals and farming is far better than what you buy in the store.  At least you wil know what you are eating and what is and is not one or in it.  


Thank you for you comments,

Thank you for you comments, there has been some valid points mentioned. I knew I was close to being on the Paleo diet but since I still have a little dairy and potatoes was not quite there. My intention is to go back and look at the diets of different stages of human development and also the diets of the “achievers” like the Mayan, Inca’s and Egyptians. I also need to understand the life expectancy at adulthood and the causes of death of those people. As for hunting my own meat, not likely. In Australia we have wild pigs, rabbits, kangaroos, camels and a few goats around but I think I’d stave long before I got a feed of any of them; besides the rabbits are just as likely to be diseased unless captured well and truly away from people and kangaroos are protected in most areas. Once again thank you for you comments.


You can't beat game meat, but there is also the organic option at many grocery stores.  It's becoming more and more prevalent and coming down in price due to consumer demand.

Also, I'd like to mention-

The mainstream media, whose health advice almost always sucks to the point of deception, has portrayed eating paleo as an impossibly murky and challenging endeavor.  In reality, it's not about trying to scrounge up some exact reproduction of what our ancestors ate--their diets obviously changed from place to place and over the millennia.  The key is striving to eat the WAY our ancestors ate--whole foods selected for the best available nutrition, containing nothing artificial.  Anyone who tries to fault that is either ignorant beyond belief or a fraudster with an agenda.

I would love to eat a better

I would love to eat a better diet, but I'm a super picky eater and people just don't understand me and my eating habits. I personally eat wayyyy too much pasta but couldn't live without it. I want to teach my daughter great eating habits. She's 16 months and already eats more different fruits and veggies than I do...which I hope and pray will continue as she gets older. I'm interested in eating more along the lines of the Paleo diet. There was a time when I thought I couldn't live without fastfood, but anymore, it just doesn't taste or sound good to me. We like to garden in the summer, so we always have some fresh items available. I would love to grow my own fruits but I don't think I could do the animals part. I would love to say I could just like get a farm and live off the land, but I know myself...I'm not gonna want to muck out anything! Thanks for sharing.

love, light and blessings


stone-age diets

i too prefer to eat only wild game, beef tastes funny to me anymore. i also eat a fair amount of fish and other meats, pork, chicken. people i know hunt so much that i don't need to, plus i can't stand killing animals and i have a bit of a weak stomach when it comes to gutting the animal. i also grow my own vegatable garden. but the diet most are eating is atrocious. i remember as a kid school teachers told us if we swallowed our chewing gum, that it would take 7 years to digest. not true, total myth. then came the vegan movement of the late 1970's. they claimed the average person had 7 pounds of undigested red meat in their gut at any given time. again not true, pretty much anything you eat passes in 24-48 hours. you would have to eat 7 pounds of meat every day to have that much in your gut. here is an urban rumor that has not been proven either way and is not myth, nor fact, just my observation and i started this rumor: a growing number of people world wide have as much as 13 pounds of undigested, extra thick, extra hot, extra crispy breading lining their gut at any given time. they have invented a new disease and a pill for it, CIC, chronic ideopathic constipation. again a myth but people have bought into it. ideopathic is a big fancy word for "no cause". of course there is a cause. bad diet, not enough fiber. crap, people i know claim Medical Marijuana as a "miracle drug" yet these same people avoid broccoli as if it was not only illegal but poisonous as well. if they touched it, they will break out in hives, start speaking in tongues, fall on the floor in convulsions and manifest the stigmata. speaking of gardening, all of those "toxic" molds that people grow in their house, all and more grow outside under your feet, the house is a petri dish all you have to add is water. all of those deadly molds grow and are amped up in my garden as i ammend the soil every fall. fear mongering is aslo atrocious. just some more invented diseases, ADD, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, dry eye disorder, dry mouth disorder. contrary to popular belief, instant food does NOT come in a box. it grows in the ground, grab a carrot and eat it, grab a tomato and eat it, you don't even have to unwrap it. but watch out for that vile weed broccoli, to some it is illegal and maybe poisonous. Happy eating folks. in the 1980's i suffered from ADD, but that was because i smoked and liked pot, we just referred to this debilitating condition as being "spacey"!